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Gold prospecting with a metal detector for some people can be very overwhelming, especially when they first start out.

I know only too well how that feels and that is one of the main reason why I offer professional and personalised 1 on 1 training.

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After spending tens of thousand of hours in various goldfields myself, I have learned the hard way, what it takes to find gold.

The GPZ 7000 and GPX range of Minelabs Metal Detectors are great for detecting but their functions can be very difficult to understand and to learn especially the Minelab GPX Series. It usually takes many month if not many years in the field, to be confident in the use of these machines. Unfortunately there is very little or no training provided when you buy a detector. Ok, some vendors may take you out if you agree to pay for a field trip, and if you are very lucky some will even offer a free 1/2 day in the field. That’s great, they show you a few basic’s and that’s that!

But I assure you that no one is going out of their way to show you how to maximise your detector so that you can get every possible bit of gold out of the ground. This is where my training is very different, I will ensure that you know how to set your detector up and learn how to make adjustments according the various types of mineralised ground you may encounter and hence you learn how to use your detector effectively and correctly.

With the introduction of Minelab’s GPZ 7000 it certainly looks like that there seems to be no need for anyone showing you how to use that detector, but in reality the GPZ 7000 is just as complex, if not more difficult to master then the GPX range.

I will help you to understand not only your detector but also ensure you are detecting for gold safely, legally and therefore without any hassles.

If you have never detected before, you can see that there is quite a lot you need to know:


*Refers only to prospecting in WA

If you have answered to anything above with a “NO” then feel free to contact me because I can help you.

The good old saying is: 10% of operators find 90% of all the gold.

I will make it my mission for you to become part of those 10% of operators that will find 90% of the gold! Because it’s not just a simple matter of walking around the Goldfields and hoping for the best!

I will make it my priority to guide you to the best of my ability and I assure you that you will learn everything needed so you can go out on your own with confidence.

If gold prospecting sounds like something that you want to have a try at, then please click here to discover more about how I can help you achieve a positive outcome when you’re out and about and looking for gold.

Good luck and dig deep! Cheers Jim

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